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Peter couldn’t help but lean forward and kiss her again. 


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"Okay…" MJ bit her lip, nodding, “Yeah, okay." She didn’t know exactly how Gwen felt, but the absence of a father was a feeling Mary Jane knew too well. MJ pushed a smile, going along with the change of subject. The redhead pulled out a ticket from the side pocket of her purse, handing it over. “Don’t forget! You’re first row, and if you’re not there, I’ll notice!"


Gwen took the ticket from her, smiling. “First row?” she grinned. “I’ll definitely be there.. You can count on it.”

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//Wow. Okay I haven’t been on here in a while. 

Don’t kill me, I just got sidetracked with my Peter account and now Stiles. Yay. But I’ll get to replies. 

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Pete turned a bit red as she took his sweater off, glad to see most of the cuts and bruises from the past few nights were at least faded. He may have had an increased healing factor but the weird thing was…unlike Wolverine or others with the same ability, he still had scars. He took the shirt and wadded it up deftly, swinging his backpack around to shove it inside before pulling it back over his shoulder. 

"Sleep is overrated." He said with a laugh as they walked towards the staircase that led up to their school. “So are English papers." She knew he hated English classes even though he excelled in every subject. Most of that was due to not wanting to let Ben and May down…perhaps proving that he could be a good son, the one they never had on their own but gained through tragedy. Before they parted for their first classes he gave her a soft kiss on her cheek. “See you later okay?"

Gwen smiled softly and took his hand as they walked into school. “Well, it’s not due for a few days.. So it’s okay.” she murmured, leaning into him slightly. “I just don’t think English is your forte.” she teased. English wasn’t her favorite, but she still excelled in it. Peter also did. However, she was still top of the class. How that was possible, she’d never know. Gwen moved him over so they were leaning against two lockers. She nodded, “If you need anything, Advil, an icepack. Call me and I’ll get you in between classes, alright?” she kissed him softly before walking away. 

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"Yeah, trying to help and get killed in the process. You don’t go helping with that kind of stuff just out of the blue!" Peter pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head. “Oh, save my ass? My ass isn’t the one that needs to be saved. I can take care of myself. Oh, I know the feeling of losing someone. I lost my Uncle Ben, if you’ve forgotten about that. It was my fault too, so I wouldn’t dare compare it to anything. I understand you don’t want me to get killed doing the same thing your father did, but don’t tell me to shut up and stop worrying about me! Knowing you’re worried is always on my mind and I get worried too, but I still have to do what I have to to protect New York."

He bit his bottom lip, clenching fists before turning away and shaking his head. Normally he wouldn’t react like this, but he was at his breaking point.

Gwen stood rolling her eyes. “If you can take care of yourself why do you always come to me to patch you up? I get that it helps calms me but I highly doubt you wouldn’t be able to do that. Not to mention how many times have you come close to death? Maybe ten? Maybe more? If it weren’t for me always patching you up you’d probably be bleeding out in some alley!” she ran a hand through her hair. “It’s not my fault you took everything for granted and then ended up losing an Uncle! I’d rather watch my father die than have my fathers best friend come to our door… and tell us he’s gone..” he voice got quiet. She took a deep breath. “I can’t help but be worried when you go out there and are reckless! You think you have it all under control! Take a reality look, Peter. Nothing is under control! Nothing is right and nothing will be! You need to realize that being a mutant spider with a family is never going to work.” she muttered. Now she was getting ahead of herself. Her heart rate was speeding up and she couldn’t control what she was saying anymore. 

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"Oh, the kiss wasn’t scripted. I didn’t know I was going to do it. I just thought, ‘I just missed my girlfriend’s valedictorian speech. How am I going to make it up to her?’ Then I was thinking, ‘I’m graduating. I don’t really give a fuck about this place, and fuck all of the people. So I’m going to go in and have fun. And embarrass her’" - Andrew Garfield 

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"You should be used to it by now."


"Well, I happen to have a couple tickets on hand…" Mary Jane grinned, leaving the offer dangling. Her face dropped, her teeth gnawing on her bottom lip. That’s right. She hadn’t seen Gwen since the Lizard catastrophe. MJ’s face softened, “Gwen…” 

Gwen shook her head. “I just want to forget about it. I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t have brought it up.” she mumbled before nodding. “I’ll take one.” she gave her a small smile.